Welcome to Clinton Hill Simply Art and Framing


We are open 11 am - 6 pm Tuesday - Saturday
583 Myrtle Avenue at Classon Ave

Background FAQ

FACT - A growing National lifestyle trend among beginner/ high profile black Consumers to acquire contemporary Black Art began to emerge.

Established in 1991, Clinton Hill Simply Art & Framing Gallery was designed to fill a
growing and recognizable void in ethnic Art Sales.

Unaware, CHSAFG became New York City’s first full service ethnic Art & Custom Picture Framing business wholly owned by a black female.

CHSAFG’s goal to create a neighborhood Retail Specialty Business that created a less intimidating and unwelcoming Art Sales environment for Viewing/Buying Ethnic Art..

By 1993, CHSAFG featured 30 to 40 framed original Paintings including monthly Art exhibits of original Art on Paper free to the general Public.

By 1996 an uptick in the Custom Picture Framing side was sparked by Corporate orders. Con Edison became the first major Account under contract. As a NYC Certified M/WBE Vendor NYC Police Department became the largest City Agency Framing account.

During 2000’s CHSAF Corporate Sales began a decline while residential Sales began to soar . CHSAFG revamped to expand Custom Picture Framing Services. Today, CHSAFG is a full service Preservation & Specialty Custom Framing Business.

In 2001, CHSAFG gained National prominence in Trade press, Art Business News for excellence in Consumer Marketing strategies. Also, cited in local Brooklyn Press as “pioneering Brooklyn’s Ethnic Art Sales”

CHSAFG has been featured as a tourist destination in “BROOKLYN” travel guide and “Discovering Black New York” guide. Received numerous Citations and awards. Appeared in various Brooklyn-based publications including New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Amsterdam News,.Several magazines Essence, New York, Black Enterprise, Upscale, Time Out. Trade magazines Crains’ NY, D├ęcor, Art Business World, Art Business News. Guest appearances on WLIB, WBAI radio; Cable TV; NY I Television, Channels 9, 5, Ditgial ,YouTube, NYT Local.