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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The New Yorker Magazine 10/1/12 issue

If you haven't seen, heard, read October 1, 2012 issue of The New Yorker Magazine then try to check it out on the internet or back copy or stop in to see an article in TALK OF THE TOWN- Postcard from Clinton Hill. staff writer Ian Frazier wrote about me and Clinton Hill Simply Art & Framing Gallery. Many of you may not know that Clinton Hill Art Gallery my second location opened 2004-09 was Fort Greene Clinton Hill 1st privately owned original Art Gallery in our neighborhood. DUMBO-Two Trees Walentas made several attemps to lure us to DUMBO. Clinton Hill Art Gallery was commited to previewing and exhibiting some of Brooklyn's most brilliant, mid-career Artists living and work in Brooklyn. Clinton Hill Art Gallery located at Vanderbilt and Myrtle Avenues held monthly Art exhibits promoting Brooklyn's male and female Sculptures,Painters, Photographers of all ethnicities.We sold Art. We brought new faces into our neighborhood. Our Borough President Marty Markowitz and local media were always present. Even Vito Lopez,Bill Dibasio visited our spot. Once quoted as a new business model for Contemporary privately owned Art Galleries. Numerous Articles covered Clinton Hill Art Gallery and Artists.Our Art buyers and Artists are still voicing their reqrets I closed the Gallery. One such artist discovery was Evelyn Talarico. Evelyn now involved with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. She moved from Puerto Rico to the USA (Brooklyn)over 40 years ago. She is also covered in The New Yorker article. Read about it, talk about it, because I am not only proud of the article and caricature in the New Yorker Magazine but I am a born New Yorker via Queens. The New Yorker not only wrote about me but my 21 year old pride Clinton Hill Simply Art & Framing Gallery the business that started it all, as well as Evelyn Talarico's association with Clinton Hill Art Gallery now a Fort Greene Clinton Hill Korean Nail Salon occupies the Space. A good read -- It's The New Yorker Magazine with Mitt Romney riding a @#% Big white Horse. Talk about it!


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